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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Eleanor Kinzie

At school we are doing a project on the battle at Fort Dearborn. This was when the Indians fought against the Americans. Part of this project was that each of us got assigned a person who was living at Fort Dearborn at that time! I got Eleanor Kinzie. I will now show you some journal entries that I wrote being Eleanor. (I didn't tell you we got journals to write in as our character.)

July 15, 1812

Dear Journal,

I am Eleanor McKillip Kinzie.
I am 43. I moved to Chicagou
in 1803.
I am married to John Kinzie.
My son is John Harris Kinzie
he is 9 years old.
I have a daughter Margaret
(who is my husband's stepdaughter)
She is married to Linai Helm,
He is my son-in-law
My other three children died from Cholera
I have had two husbands
First I was married to Daniel McKillip, but he was shot
Then I married John.
My mother's name is Sarah and my dad's John
Back then my last name was Lytle.
After I moved to Chicagou, I had three more children, Ellen, Maria and Robert.

August 9th, 1812

Dear journal,

Winnemac, a messenger,
arrived from Fort Wayne
with sealed orders from
General Hull. 1) Call all
the indians together and
give all the supplies to the
friendly Indians. 2) Evacuate
the fort with all the soldiers
and any of the settlers who
want to leave the area.
This is the strangest plan.
John has been very concerned
and I think there is no particular
reason to be that concerned.
Though I think that General Hull
is being a bit over the top with his
orders. If Nathan Heald doesn't
want to follow the orders he
shouldn't. He should stand up for
himself. But, as everyone knows,
orders are orders, especially from
General Hull.

This is a long and boring process! I'm just gonna finish it later...


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