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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why I'm in a Dressing Gown/Bath Robe!

Your probably all wondering why I am in my dressing gown/bath robe at 5:00! Well, this is the story:

One afternoon Isobel was bored. She just didn't know what to do! She had done all her homework, she had checked her email, she had visited with her Grandmother (Nanny) and she had picked out he next book she would read and she was still very bored! So, she decided to be a BRAVE girl and go out in her garden! Now, I did not tell you it was pouring down with rain! So, now you can see why she was being BRAVE! So, she went outside to see if there was anything to do. There was! She pranced around the garden! Twirling and Swirling! Then she went back in. She was soaked! She was wet from head to toe. Her mum said she should go upstairs and put on her dressing gown/bath robe. So, thats why she's in a dressing gown/bath robe!


And that's my story!


P.S I wrote the story!

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