This is our blog, I and I. We, Isobel and Iris or (I and I) met in kindergarten and, though Isobel moved across the country, we remained best friends and created this blog. We try to post daily and keep you updated on EVERYTHING that (we think) matters. Enjoy!

- Isobel and Iris

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

so sorry again!

I had a big mixup and didn't hear about the three days of halloween post/300th post until it was too late! I apologize completely.

I agree entirely with what Isobel said about our friendship and this blog, but I want to second that by saying that so many people do read our blog which is amazing, but beyond that the blog is still around no matter how many readers or followers or viewers we have, and the bond is still there. As much as I do love that people actually read our blog, it isn't essential at all, because we made this blog to have a lasting friendship and it has entirely succeeded. I don't think we would have stopped posting had nobody ever gone to this site, and if nobody ever reads this message then I don't care. Frankly I don't think we could stop posting because it would be too heartbreaking and emotional. This page has a life on it's own, and it holds us all together. I love the fact that we have a blog and I love the fact that we both post on it so much.

It's a great luxury to have so many awesome readers as we do, and don't think that I take that for granted. I remember having conversations about our followers, Isobel and I, and how awesome they were, and how we practically threw a party when we got our 20th follower. You guys are great, and it's an amazing feeling to put something out there that's a message you just want to be heard, and then know that it is being heard. I wish everybody could follow everybody on the internet, because then we would have what, 7 billion followers? That's crazy and amazing and a bit heartbreaking to think about.

I encourage everybody to get a website, get a book, get some way to make your voice heard, and then yell. it's never a waste of time.