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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Winner of our latest contest (nicest follower)= Madeleine

The winner of Nicest Followers of the month is Madeleine!!!
here's her post:

Hey, This is an amazing song! It's by Lady Gaga. She has... well... interesting... taste in clothes! I hope you enjoy it!

Poker Face

Poker Face Acoustic

The acoustic is brilliant!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Enough about pandas! Rats!

Many people misunderstand rats and think they are horrible, disgusting, evil things and try to exterminate them!

Here are some pics to prove you wrong!

They are perfectly cute, adorable animals that are easy to care for!



sorry we have been posting soooooooo much about following...

Isobel and Iris

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Maru the cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maru the cat is soooooooooo cool! He lives in Japan! He is a cat! He is fat! He is playful! He loves boxes! But especially, he is funny! Here he is!!!!!

Ain't he awesome?


Saturday, July 25, 2009

My blog that is sorta new!

okay so I think I told you about my blog, Pictionary Pictures/My New Food Blog, well I'm redoing it!

I Luv isobel's other blog, The Food I Eat, so I decided to make my blog about food, because I feel that I enjoy food the same way as izz!

please become a follower on both blogs if you haven't already!


I forgot to say!

Okay about my post about the guest blogger for a day thing, (if you haven't read it scroll down and read it please,) I forgot to mention a bit about the rules. basically all the rules from Isobel's idea apply. such as please post your video or photo in HTML and if you don't know what that is don't bother to post a video or photo. For my post I would like to add that this rule applies, unless it is a google image, youtube video, or twitter pic, in which case please just show us a link in the comment and I'll get it on the blog.

please don't use the embedding code to put the pic directly into the comment, for several reasons,

1. because that way it isn't exactly promoting following, because instead of people reading the post to see the video and stuff, they'll just look at the comment of the video and pay no attention to the post, in my figuring.

2. it makes it altogether harder for us post it on the blog, because we have to figure out where the video is and therefore how to get it onto the blog, because at least I'm not that clever, so, yeah.

3. Just don't do it!

Okay, if you have read the post about guest blogger for a day, you probably remember the deadline is September 1, well I figure
that by then everyone will have forgotten, so I'm going to change the date. and also, Isobel, if they're is a problem with this date then go ahead onto editing posts and change it to something better!
I think the date should be July 30th, because that way we will hopefully all remember whatever on earth I'm talking about!

And also, I would like to say that also as in Isobel's post, we would like everybody to participate.

The winners of our latest contest!

The winners of the nicest followers of the month-ish is...

Madeleine and Chloe!!!
And Rachael94!!!

Congratulations!!! You two have been picked for the nicest followers o the month-ish!!! Remember to comment on this post about your post and poll!!! 



Idea to promote following #2!!!

So, hi.
It's Isobel!
I'm here to tell you about our 2nd idea to promote following!!!
Here it is!

1. Every month were gonna pick three followers that have supported us through comments, polls and other things. 

2. Those three followers will be able to comment on the post that announces the three followers which we picked, and get the chance to pick the next poll, and write a post about anything on our blog. 

3. The best idea from those three followers will win and get there ideas posted on our blog!!!!

4. And the best thing is you don't have to worry about getting your ideas on our blog, 'cause we get to do all the hard bits!!!

Rules, Regulations and things we will and won't allow!

#1 If your gonna post a video, then post it in HTML, if you don't know what HTML is then don't put a video on.

#2 You can post youtube videos but post the embedding code.

#3 Don't put anything inappropriate for ages 6 and under.

#4 Don't cheat.

#5 You can put pictures on, but put them also in HTML. Or you can tell us what picture you want and have us look it up on the web.

#6 If you post a poll then make sure to include the question and answers.

More info

In the last 5 days of the month we will announce the winners. 

We will post the post on Either the last day of the month or the first day of the new month.

Make sure to have your answers in before the 28th of the month.

Sometimes we will only have one or 2 winners!!!

If you want to win make sure to comment with your name and a lot.

Sometimes we will pick people which have commented a lot in the past 2 or 3 months!

Please participate in this contest!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I'm not telling you what it is you have to figure it out.
I've been looking for a new site to devote my life to and this is a winner.

CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Idea to promote following, guest blogger!

Hello dudes! You have probably read on the left-hand side of this post that we have an idea to promote following. Well, I was lying. We have 3 ideas! Isobel will be doing 2 that she made up and I will be doing 1 that I made up. We hope that we get more followers from these ideas! Isobel will (or may have already,) explained to you her ideas, anyway, here's mine!

We are going to have a guest blogger for a day!

Here's what the guest blogger will get to do;

1. come up with a post that you will get to write,

2. come up with a poll,

3. show a link to a website video or photo, (if it's like a youtube video or something we can actually get it on the site, not link or anything,)

4. If you come up with something reasonable that was not mentioned here, you might be able to do it as well.

Here is how you will do it;

1. write in a comment the exact wording of the post you would want to do, include the options and title for a poll you would want to do, the link to whatever you would want to show, (if anything,) an extra idea for something you might want to do as guest blogger if you have one, and last but not least, why you want to be the guest blogger.

2. if you get chosen to be guest blogger, you'll know because it will say so in a post.

3. We'll worry about the rest, like putting it on the site and stuff, and you can just sit back and relax while eating pie or something.


1. basically there is just one rule. Everything you do on the blog has to be absolutely original!!!!! No copying things you saw on other websites, or ideas other people commented on or really anything. You have to come up with it yourself, no exceptions.

Have fun!

And also, September 1 is the dead line for this. you can take however long you want to write the comment with your ideas, but the blogger for the day is going to be chosen on September 1. the stuff will be published on September 2. I chose the deadline randomly.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This is a awesome song! Really cute!

album: freedom
released: January 6, 2009



Comments, Comments, Comments 

Just to tell you to comment press 0 comments, 1 comments, 2 comments, 3 comments and so on.
This button is under each post of the bottom left hand side.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

You Belong With Me!!!!

This great song by: Taylor Swift!!!!

Doesn't it make you cry!!!


Friday, July 3, 2009

Circus camp

So I was at Circus Camp for the last week (It's over it ended today!) and it is so cool!

You do all the circus stuff; trapeze, rope, tissue, bird cage, flips, globe walking, stilts, all that stuff, but then you also do art projects. then at the end of the week you do a show, and there is always a theme. This week it was zombies, and it was so cool! there are always four acts, tumbling, aerial, juggling, and comedy. you have to pass a test of strength to get into aerial, though, which covers trapeze, rope, bird cage, and tissue. I got into it last year when I went to circus camp, but my parents forgot to write it on the calendar that I was going to circus camp that week so I missed the testing day, so I had no chance whatsoever of getting in, because I wasn't able to take the test to get in! So I got into comedy and it worked out. My favorite part was the opening, where we walked up the stairs and came out with a giant parachute, then we got under it and there were other people outside of it doing like cartwheels and stuff and they got sucked in, then we were all screaming and the parachute got pulled off of us and we were lying down, zombies. Then we walked around and it looked like we were going around in random directions, but actually by the time the music started we were in straight lines down the room. Then we danced a short bit of the song "Thriller" by Micheal Jackson, then we walked of the stage and started the show.

This week there was another group, Advanced Tumbling, so in order to make exactly 4 groups we put together comedy and juggling. (Juggling wasn't just juggling balls, it covered all objects, diablo, stilts, etc. etc.)

The great thing about circus camp is that for an entire hour every day you can go to any 2 stations, the stations are Art, Aerial, Fast Track, (Fast Track is a really long skinny trampoline specifically used for tumbling,) and juggling. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I did first Art and then Aerial. But on Friday They didn't have art, because in the art room they were doing make-up for the show. I tried to go on the globe, but I chickened out. Same thing with the stilts. Oh and there was a potluck and the food was so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And when you get like 13 or older and you're too old to be in the camp, if you're really strong and good with kids you can be one of the counselors. Like the entire second half of the day is run by teenagers, and like one adult because if everyone in the camp were under 18 it would just go insane. remember last year in the same week as me there was this 12 year old girl, and now one year later she's one of the counselors.

Circus camp is awesome!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Don't ask what, just watch the video.

(I can't put the video directly on here because the embedding was disabled by request.)

Were people always like that in the 80's?