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Saturday, December 24, 2011


Ok so gotta make this quick because Santa's almost here! (I REALLY REALLY BELIEVE IN SANTA)
I am tracking Santa through "NORAD Tracks Santa" here is a link: CLICK HERE! And I am so excited. I will try and post tomorrow (Christmas) but I might not have time. Again I'm SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! I'm freaking out I'm so excited! Anyone who DOESN'T BELIEVE IN SANTA I have a message for you:

You are trying to be grown up and mature and cool by not believing in Santa, but really you are being IMMATURE by not believing. You need to understand that if you believe in something, it is real. Though no one has any proof Santa exists, do we have any proof that he doesn't? Even if your parents tell you Santa isn't real, do they have proof? No. So, to me, Santa is real. You are a bad person anyway.