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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

For this post I will find a picture of the first object I think of! Cool huh!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Clara Talks!

This is Isobel talkin'! How are you all! GOOD! I hope so! Today my friend will talk to you!!! (by the way my friend who shall now talk to you is Clara!)

So I am Isobel's friend and if Shreya is reading this, HELLO TO YOU! ( And everyone else.) So, I am a little angry because someone, (actually 3 peeps) said that they didn't like I and I blog and I totally disagree with that. Isobel says that she is angry.
Anyway, at school today Mr.Weinberg had to go to a conference and Mrs.Rebstock just had a baby so we had two new teachers (aka Mrs. Kariotis and Mr. Nau) and they were nice. I still like Mr.Weinberg more though, only because he has been teaching us all year. We had a fire drill right before we were going to go on a field trip and we were all freezing by the time we got back.

Clara/ at the beginning Isobel

PS. There is a picture of tea because I LOVE to drink tea.

PPS. Isobel LOVES to drink tea too!

Monday, April 27, 2009


On this post we will reply to all the newish comments. This is how it works: (this is just a example)

Example - title

This is just a example for... - snippet of post

Sophie36789 - user who wrote the comment (not a real person

This is such a lame post! OMG!!! ur such a loser! - comment (made up of course)!

Isobel- You are being very mean! What part didn't you like about this post? - My reply

Do you get it? Of course the explaining of what each item is isn't gonna be on there! And we start to reply!

Math Geeks

This is a video of me and Lily...


I am on the floor laughing my butt off! lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol...!!!!!!! hahahahahahahehehehehehhahheiheehah...!!!!! u guys r hilarious!

Isobel- Thanks! We kind of just got the idea of lame math geeky jokes! We thought up the "OMG! YOU GUYS ARE SUCH MATH GEEKS! OMG!" when we were just writing down our scripts! You are soooooo nice! And just to tell all of you we will probably keep posting these funny videos!


Hey Isobel- love your blog! Please follow mine it's not as cool as yours though! See you SOON! love Rachael xxxx

Isobel- Thanks! Though, what is your blog address? You can comment on this post to let me know! I'll see YOU soon!

We look so idiotic!

In this video I swear we look like such idiots...


yes i agree.

Isobel- I know! We both thought that the video would get a million views! We also thought that we were acting sooo cool!

Veggie Monster?

Yesterday (or maybe the day before) someone in my...


yeah COOKIE MONSTER... i hate it when people try to make him GOOD!
He likes cookies. He's my idol.

Isobel- I totally agree! I posted this post because i LOVED the cookie monster when i was little. I was soooo depressed when i heard about the VEGGIE MONSTER! He likes cookies and thats that!

I don't want to type anymore I'm bored! sooooooo bye!


Friday, April 24, 2009

a picture of a fruit!

Okay this is a pic of an apple or a pear, or whatever it is. I like fruit so I just posted it. I like to be random, so I did a random thing. That's all.


Maru the Japanese cat!

This cat lives in Japan and is so hilarious! He's really curious and loves boxes...

He's so awesome, he brings so much enjoyment to my life! Whenever I'm sad I just google "Maru the japanese cat" and that makes me happy!

Here's a video of him being weird.

Isn't he so cool!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Math Geeks!

This is a video of me and lily playing...

MATH GEEKS!!! Enjoy!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I have a really hard spelling word:


I know, I know, it is sooooooo hard! Can you spell ONOMATOPOEIA?! I can! And, yes i am not looking it up in the dictionary (though I did just click on dictionary to know how to spell dictionary)! So, I now need to practice...


If you can not spell ONOMATOPOEIA, then HA HA HA because, a third grader can spell a word you can't!!! HA HA HA!!! I AM UNBEATABLE!!!




Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Birthstones and Birthflowers!

Okay people I was looking at birthstone and birth flower charts and I thought I would just post it because Mother's day is coming up and it might be useful.


Birth Flower
April/Sweet peas
May/Lily of the Valley

That's All!


Ray Charles!

Okay people. At school we're doing a project on African-American musicians. We went to the library and we got to choose a book about a musician, and we would study that person.
Right off I knew I wanted Billy Holliday (If I'm spelling her name right,) because she is totally awesome and all in all an interesting person. But she was taken. So I chose Ella Fitzgerald. Then I found out that Ray Charles was one of the choices. That was a no-brainer for me. I needed to get Ray Charles. I think he's so cool that I even named my cat after him! I was too late. Ray Charles had been taken. So I'm stuck with Ella Fitzgerald. She's still cool, but out of her, Ray Charles, and Billy Holliday, she is probably my least favorite. In case you're wondering about these people, here are videos of them each.

Ray Charles:

Ella Fitzgerald:

Billy Holliday:

Watch them all and vote on the pole!


Bugs in my head!

We had a lice check at school on Friday, and I didn't pass! I was checked three times by two volunteers and the head of safety or something and they all said that I had lice.
It turns out that over a third of my grade had lice. but yet somehow my sister passed.
then my mom and dad tried to fix it at home but it didn't work, so we scheduled an appointment at this hair dresser's where they focus on clearing your head of lice.
They said that I had a severe case, and they had to check my Mom just to be safe. Turn out she has nits, too. They couldn't fix it all right then and there so they scheduled another appointment for me today. Mom says I should be back at school tomorrow, but I'm not so sure. The people also said that even though my sister had been checked by the volunteers at school, they had to check her as well, because there is always an 80% chance that the siblings and Mother of the child with lice will have gotten them as well.
The upside is that at this place they have little DVD players and a huge selection of movies that you can watch at this place. also the people there are really nice, and don't take it personally. But I still hate them!
At school after I had been clarified with lice it wasn't so much, fun, either. I trusted a few people with the knowledge that I had the bugs, and so much for being sworn to secrecy, the news spread ridiculously fast. When I told one person who shall remain unnamed, they said these exact words:
Me: "Hey, ________, I have lice."
Anonymous person: "Really? Then you shouldn't be here right now."
And backed off. Then I witnessed her telling another person. The other person looked odd, and then came up to me and said, "Iris, where were you?" Then a person who had obviously been listening in on the conversation said, "She has lice!" Then the person who had come up to me said, "Iris! You need to tell the teachers! Make an announcement! Everyone needs to know so that they can keep some space!" And walked off. Then another person came up to me and said, "Does _________ have lice?" I answered truthfully, "I don't know." Then I didn't hold myself back and said, "But I do." The the person walked off and so did I to go do my work. Then that same person came back to me and said, "Go and tell ______ that you have lice. She doesn't believe me." So I did. And it went on and on and on.

I'm not actually amazed that I have lice. I'm amazed that I didn't get it before now.
Too bad I don't have a picture of me on this computer. Well, my hair is really long, (It used to be longer before my parents cut it a few days ago,) and it's sort of strawberry blonde on the ends, but the roots are really dark.

In conclusion, I have grown to hate every little cell living in my head.

P.S. The stuff they made me put in my hair last night smelled like it smelled so terrible that they had to put a bucket of mint into it to make it smell better. Not that I don't like mint, but it smelled so strong it was just, just blech. You would think that rinsing it out would make it go away but it just mad it smell worse. Now my hair smells like death itself.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Even more idiot videos!

People on youtube, there are a lot more videos of us as idiots. A lot! When we were about six and seven, we thought that they were wonderful videos and it was like being on tv. But we were such idiots in the videos but we thought that we were being cool!

If I remember right, one of our very first posts was of awesome youtube videos. Somehow, we included all our old videos of us. So if you look in the archives at the really really really old posts, you'll see all of our other idiotic videos.

Just Dance!

One of my fave songs right now is Just Dance! It is by Lady Ga Ga. Sounds weird i know but, the song is cool!

Don't you love this song???!!!


We look so idiotic!!!

In this video I swear that we both look like such idiots!!! But, you can't blame us, we were young and immature!!!

Don't you totally agree?!!!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Green Living

I just got this book : Green Living! Since of Global Warming I thought I would start to help.

My Wonderful Apple!!!

Today, I am having a great apple. I don't really know why... I just kind of had a craving! It is green and tangy, just the way i like it. Above there is a picture of me eating it. Beautiful! Huh?


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Veggie Monster?

Yesterday, (or maybe the day before) someone in my class announced that the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street is now Veggie Monster!!! And since I love the cookie monster I needed to find out the real deal!!! So, I looked up the Veggie Monster on the web, and found all the info I wanted. Below I will copy and paste the proof and info I found:

As part of the Healthy Habits programming, Sesame Workshop began "broadening Cookie Monster's eating habits".[1] In actuality, the company had begun broadening his intake as early as 1990 with the song "Healthy Food", by Christopher Cerf. The song was remade for 2006 with rapper Wyclef Jean as a guest star. A 1999 Sesame Street Beat Newsletter for parents discussed his balanced lifestyle:
Lately, Cookie has also taught children the importance of eating a balanced diet. This doesn't mean that Cookie rounds out his diet with plates, trucks, ukuleles, and other objects the munching monster has been known to devour. This means that Cookie now eats a fair share of salads, meats, and vegetables to set a good example for viewers at home. And Cookie doesn't mind a bit. Sure he loves cookies, but he likes the act of eating in general. As long as his mouth is full, his heart is happy.[2]
The international media picked up on the story, but instead a high percentage twisted it into sensationalism, with headlines like "'Sesame Street' tosses its cookies"[3] or claiming the character was "sent on a diet". Widespread internet rumor was launched that PBS forced Sesame Workshop to literally rename Cookie Monster as "Veggie Monster". An Internet petition/boycott received hundreds of signatures of support, from misinformed web users.

I found more proof, but that website doesn't allow copy and paste, so I found links which will help you! Now, you can your own detective and solve this case with more links!!!!





Now these are just a few links. Check the rest out by searching Veggie Monster!!! Here, this is a youtube video with Cookie Monster in it!

Above there is also a picture of him!!!


Friday, April 17, 2009


Hello peeps reading I and I!
Today, my sister invited her friend Katherine over for a sleep-over!!! So, I want you to meet her!!! This is a picture of her (above).
She is very nice. She is strange, yet a pleasure to be with. And thats all I really know about her. Well, I guess she's my sisters BFF, but thats all. Now here is 5 random facts about my day:

#1 I stubbed my toe. OW!!!

#2 I had 2 tests today.

#3 I wanted to have a sleep-over with Clara (but as you see that didn't work out)

#4 I was being a spoiled brat about dinner.

#5 I walked with my babysitter/cleaner to school today (and it was very fun)!!!

That's all I have to say!!! Keep reading I and I!!!


My Poetry!

My class just started a section in writing: Poetry!!! So, one day I brought home my writers notebook to show my family, and they said it was great! Now, I'm gonna show you! I asked my mum and sister which was their favorite and, they picked out these.

The erased chalk

Every day Mr. Weinberg erases the schedule
Then he writes a new one
But, the smudged chalk from yesterdays schedule still lingers on the chalkboard.
The days go past and the big smudge expands and gets thicker.
With all the memories of our school days lost in the chalk.


Nothing is not real.
Because, if nothing was real we would know what it is.
And if we knew what it is,
It would be a something.
Therefore, nothing does not exist.
It is a figure of speech
An empty glass
It is nothing.


My mummy's driving around
Following directions.
They tell you where to go.
Even if it half way across the universe.
Driving down unknown streets
Passing houses and shops
"Where are we?" I think
Mummy knows.
She's following directions.


The ivy.
It climbs.
Up, up, up, and so on.
Up the tall building.
Your almost there!
You reach the top, mission completed
Nowhere to climb.
Nowhere to go.
The end.
Just the end.

The Fire is Out

The fire is out.
The once powerful flames are gone.
Gone with almost no evidence.
The helpful wood has let the fire down.
It is covered with the black stains reminding the wood of its deed.
The vicious flame is now harmless.
The fire is out.

I hope you like these!!!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Math Quiz!


Hey! It's Isobel! How r you'll!
I'm great! My friend Colleen/Beanie (she's my follower) is at my house. Though, I'm very upset that 1. I failed my math test 2. It was 3 mins 30 secs to answer 30 questions!!! I haven't even memorized most of my times tables (these tests are all for multiplication)!!! So, basically I'm not excited about that. But all in all I just wanna say...



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Deleting Gadgets!!!

Today I've been looking at my blog and I noticed there are soooooooooo many gadgets!!! So, I decided to delete some. These are the gadgets I deleted and the info they had.


Who is the best singer/dancer?!




Didn't work.


Are Rabbits easy to take care of?!




7 votes

Definitely= 1
Yes= 1
Sort of= 4
No= 0
Definitely Not=1

Name: Do you like my science project?!




5 votes

I love it= 5


Awesome Websites


Website Viewer






Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Okay people I'm here!

Yes it is I, Iris!

Okay, First of all I am really sorry that I haven't posted in like years!

It all kind of had to do with a crazy social thing, but I'm back, and will now be posting much more often!
Also, if you like my posts, there is a whole other blog I have called ppppfruit.blogspot.com and it is awesome!

In conclusion I will start to post a lot more often now!



This is a video of me and my friend!


Monday, April 13, 2009


I just wanted to give you this message!


Fashion, Fashion and Even More Fashion!

Today my sister, Madeleine made herself a blog! It is called... Fashion, Fashion and Even More Fashion! She want's more viewers and asked me to advertise her blog! So, I demand you to check it out (that basically means to vote on her polls, read it when you can and follow)!


This blog is all about fashion! It has great ideas and excellent drawings. It will include some other things, but it focuses mostly on clothes.




At the top!!!


I Hate It!

Today I went to a birthday party, and there was all my friends there. While I was eating pizza one of my friends warned me that her brother had walked past when she was looking at my blog and pushed the I Hate It button on the Do You Like This Blog poll!!!
So, I am very mad at him for doing that. But, the point of this post is that NO ONE doesn't like this blog... yet.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Eleanor Kinzie

At school we are doing a project on the battle at Fort Dearborn. This was when the Indians fought against the Americans. Part of this project was that each of us got assigned a person who was living at Fort Dearborn at that time! I got Eleanor Kinzie. I will now show you some journal entries that I wrote being Eleanor. (I didn't tell you we got journals to write in as our character.)

July 15, 1812

Dear Journal,

I am Eleanor McKillip Kinzie.
I am 43. I moved to Chicagou
in 1803.
I am married to John Kinzie.
My son is John Harris Kinzie
he is 9 years old.
I have a daughter Margaret
(who is my husband's stepdaughter)
She is married to Linai Helm,
He is my son-in-law
My other three children died from Cholera
I have had two husbands
First I was married to Daniel McKillip, but he was shot
Then I married John.
My mother's name is Sarah and my dad's John
Back then my last name was Lytle.
After I moved to Chicagou, I had three more children, Ellen, Maria and Robert.

August 9th, 1812

Dear journal,

Winnemac, a messenger,
arrived from Fort Wayne
with sealed orders from
General Hull. 1) Call all
the indians together and
give all the supplies to the
friendly Indians. 2) Evacuate
the fort with all the soldiers
and any of the settlers who
want to leave the area.
This is the strangest plan.
John has been very concerned
and I think there is no particular
reason to be that concerned.
Though I think that General Hull
is being a bit over the top with his
orders. If Nathan Heald doesn't
want to follow the orders he
shouldn't. He should stand up for
himself. But, as everyone knows,
orders are orders, especially from
General Hull.

This is a long and boring process! I'm just gonna finish it later...