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Monday, April 27, 2009


On this post we will reply to all the newish comments. This is how it works: (this is just a example)

Example - title

This is just a example for... - snippet of post

Sophie36789 - user who wrote the comment (not a real person

This is such a lame post! OMG!!! ur such a loser! - comment (made up of course)!

Isobel- You are being very mean! What part didn't you like about this post? - My reply

Do you get it? Of course the explaining of what each item is isn't gonna be on there! And we start to reply!

Math Geeks

This is a video of me and Lily...


I am on the floor laughing my butt off! lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol...!!!!!!! hahahahahahahehehehehehhahheiheehah...!!!!! u guys r hilarious!

Isobel- Thanks! We kind of just got the idea of lame math geeky jokes! We thought up the "OMG! YOU GUYS ARE SUCH MATH GEEKS! OMG!" when we were just writing down our scripts! You are soooooo nice! And just to tell all of you we will probably keep posting these funny videos!


Hey Isobel- love your blog! Please follow mine it's not as cool as yours though! See you SOON! love Rachael xxxx

Isobel- Thanks! Though, what is your blog address? You can comment on this post to let me know! I'll see YOU soon!

We look so idiotic!

In this video I swear we look like such idiots...


yes i agree.

Isobel- I know! We both thought that the video would get a million views! We also thought that we were acting sooo cool!

Veggie Monster?

Yesterday (or maybe the day before) someone in my...


yeah COOKIE MONSTER... i hate it when people try to make him GOOD!
He likes cookies. He's my idol.

Isobel- I totally agree! I posted this post because i LOVED the cookie monster when i was little. I was soooo depressed when i heard about the VEGGIE MONSTER! He likes cookies and thats that!

I don't want to type anymore I'm bored! sooooooo bye!


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