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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bugs in my head!

We had a lice check at school on Friday, and I didn't pass! I was checked three times by two volunteers and the head of safety or something and they all said that I had lice.
It turns out that over a third of my grade had lice. but yet somehow my sister passed.
then my mom and dad tried to fix it at home but it didn't work, so we scheduled an appointment at this hair dresser's where they focus on clearing your head of lice.
They said that I had a severe case, and they had to check my Mom just to be safe. Turn out she has nits, too. They couldn't fix it all right then and there so they scheduled another appointment for me today. Mom says I should be back at school tomorrow, but I'm not so sure. The people also said that even though my sister had been checked by the volunteers at school, they had to check her as well, because there is always an 80% chance that the siblings and Mother of the child with lice will have gotten them as well.
The upside is that at this place they have little DVD players and a huge selection of movies that you can watch at this place. also the people there are really nice, and don't take it personally. But I still hate them!
At school after I had been clarified with lice it wasn't so much, fun, either. I trusted a few people with the knowledge that I had the bugs, and so much for being sworn to secrecy, the news spread ridiculously fast. When I told one person who shall remain unnamed, they said these exact words:
Me: "Hey, ________, I have lice."
Anonymous person: "Really? Then you shouldn't be here right now."
And backed off. Then I witnessed her telling another person. The other person looked odd, and then came up to me and said, "Iris, where were you?" Then a person who had obviously been listening in on the conversation said, "She has lice!" Then the person who had come up to me said, "Iris! You need to tell the teachers! Make an announcement! Everyone needs to know so that they can keep some space!" And walked off. Then another person came up to me and said, "Does _________ have lice?" I answered truthfully, "I don't know." Then I didn't hold myself back and said, "But I do." The the person walked off and so did I to go do my work. Then that same person came back to me and said, "Go and tell ______ that you have lice. She doesn't believe me." So I did. And it went on and on and on.

I'm not actually amazed that I have lice. I'm amazed that I didn't get it before now.
Too bad I don't have a picture of me on this computer. Well, my hair is really long, (It used to be longer before my parents cut it a few days ago,) and it's sort of strawberry blonde on the ends, but the roots are really dark.

In conclusion, I have grown to hate every little cell living in my head.

P.S. The stuff they made me put in my hair last night smelled like it smelled so terrible that they had to put a bucket of mint into it to make it smell better. Not that I don't like mint, but it smelled so strong it was just, just blech. You would think that rinsing it out would make it go away but it just mad it smell worse. Now my hair smells like death itself.


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