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Friday, April 17, 2009


Hello peeps reading I and I!
Today, my sister invited her friend Katherine over for a sleep-over!!! So, I want you to meet her!!! This is a picture of her (above).
She is very nice. She is strange, yet a pleasure to be with. And thats all I really know about her. Well, I guess she's my sisters BFF, but thats all. Now here is 5 random facts about my day:

#1 I stubbed my toe. OW!!!

#2 I had 2 tests today.

#3 I wanted to have a sleep-over with Clara (but as you see that didn't work out)

#4 I was being a spoiled brat about dinner.

#5 I walked with my babysitter/cleaner to school today (and it was very fun)!!!

That's all I have to say!!! Keep reading I and I!!!


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