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Friday, April 17, 2009

My Poetry!

My class just started a section in writing: Poetry!!! So, one day I brought home my writers notebook to show my family, and they said it was great! Now, I'm gonna show you! I asked my mum and sister which was their favorite and, they picked out these.

The erased chalk

Every day Mr. Weinberg erases the schedule
Then he writes a new one
But, the smudged chalk from yesterdays schedule still lingers on the chalkboard.
The days go past and the big smudge expands and gets thicker.
With all the memories of our school days lost in the chalk.


Nothing is not real.
Because, if nothing was real we would know what it is.
And if we knew what it is,
It would be a something.
Therefore, nothing does not exist.
It is a figure of speech
An empty glass
It is nothing.


My mummy's driving around
Following directions.
They tell you where to go.
Even if it half way across the universe.
Driving down unknown streets
Passing houses and shops
"Where are we?" I think
Mummy knows.
She's following directions.


The ivy.
It climbs.
Up, up, up, and so on.
Up the tall building.
Your almost there!
You reach the top, mission completed
Nowhere to climb.
Nowhere to go.
The end.
Just the end.

The Fire is Out

The fire is out.
The once powerful flames are gone.
Gone with almost no evidence.
The helpful wood has let the fire down.
It is covered with the black stains reminding the wood of its deed.
The vicious flame is now harmless.
The fire is out.

I hope you like these!!!


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  1. Just to let you know, your writing is beautiful! You should become a writer one day, please publish a book so that I can read your writing!!!! Pretty pretty please!