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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Veggie Monster?

Yesterday, (or maybe the day before) someone in my class announced that the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street is now Veggie Monster!!! And since I love the cookie monster I needed to find out the real deal!!! So, I looked up the Veggie Monster on the web, and found all the info I wanted. Below I will copy and paste the proof and info I found:

As part of the Healthy Habits programming, Sesame Workshop began "broadening Cookie Monster's eating habits".[1] In actuality, the company had begun broadening his intake as early as 1990 with the song "Healthy Food", by Christopher Cerf. The song was remade for 2006 with rapper Wyclef Jean as a guest star. A 1999 Sesame Street Beat Newsletter for parents discussed his balanced lifestyle:
Lately, Cookie has also taught children the importance of eating a balanced diet. This doesn't mean that Cookie rounds out his diet with plates, trucks, ukuleles, and other objects the munching monster has been known to devour. This means that Cookie now eats a fair share of salads, meats, and vegetables to set a good example for viewers at home. And Cookie doesn't mind a bit. Sure he loves cookies, but he likes the act of eating in general. As long as his mouth is full, his heart is happy.[2]
The international media picked up on the story, but instead a high percentage twisted it into sensationalism, with headlines like "'Sesame Street' tosses its cookies"[3] or claiming the character was "sent on a diet". Widespread internet rumor was launched that PBS forced Sesame Workshop to literally rename Cookie Monster as "Veggie Monster". An Internet petition/boycott received hundreds of signatures of support, from misinformed web users.

I found more proof, but that website doesn't allow copy and paste, so I found links which will help you! Now, you can your own detective and solve this case with more links!!!!





Now these are just a few links. Check the rest out by searching Veggie Monster!!! Here, this is a youtube video with Cookie Monster in it!

Above there is also a picture of him!!!



  1. yeah COOKIE MONSTER... I hate when people try to make him GOOD! He likes cookies. He's my idol

  2. Calf
    I cant believe people would try to make cookie monster veggie monster. It's kind of old now, but i think we should make an online petition!!!
    here, i'll start one on my website (gocalf.webs.com). this is like such a cool blog