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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Clara Talks!

This is Isobel talkin'! How are you all! GOOD! I hope so! Today my friend will talk to you!!! (by the way my friend who shall now talk to you is Clara!)

So I am Isobel's friend and if Shreya is reading this, HELLO TO YOU! ( And everyone else.) So, I am a little angry because someone, (actually 3 peeps) said that they didn't like I and I blog and I totally disagree with that. Isobel says that she is angry.
Anyway, at school today Mr.Weinberg had to go to a conference and Mrs.Rebstock just had a baby so we had two new teachers (aka Mrs. Kariotis and Mr. Nau) and they were nice. I still like Mr.Weinberg more though, only because he has been teaching us all year. We had a fire drill right before we were going to go on a field trip and we were all freezing by the time we got back.

Clara/ at the beginning Isobel

PS. There is a picture of tea because I LOVE to drink tea.

PPS. Isobel LOVES to drink tea too!

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