This is our blog, I and I. We, Isobel and Iris or (I and I) met in kindergarten and, though Isobel moved across the country, we remained best friends and created this blog. We try to post daily and keep you updated on EVERYTHING that (we think) matters. Enjoy!

- Isobel and Iris

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


There is this really awesome site called looklet, i am on it iand think that you should join. This is the link: http://looklet.com/?logout=true . The site is really cool. it is a fashion site where you make outfits. Me and my sis LOVE it!!! Here is a link to My page where I have all my looks, if you have an account heart them my clicking the heart. : My Page . Here is my sisters page: My Sisters Page . Please look at the links!



Again, sorry i have not posted in awhile it is just that i am in Englad!!! I have family there so, yeah. I am having a GREAT time!!!


Thursday, August 13, 2009


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sorry Sorry Sorry

Okay Sorry we haven't posted in forever!!!!! We've just been really busy and yeah. I know that sometimes I tell people to always reserve time for all ur fav sites, and thn I haven't been living up to that, but sorry sorry sorry!

Also fair warning I'm going on Vacation in 11 days, but ill try and tell u when im leaving

P.S. im trying to learn txt talk because I'm so bad!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

How to get to guest blogger!

If you want to get to the guest blogger post (a post about guest blogging please do it), then do this
1. Scroll down to our search window (on the left hand side of the screen/gadget line)
2. Type in guest blogger
3. A window will appear
4. Click on the post which is titled Guest Blogger

Then you should get there! (if you don't scroll down the page till you get there, if not on the screen click the Older Posts button, scroll down that screen, if not there click on the older posts button, scroll down that screen, if not there click the Older Posts button, and so on!