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Friday, July 3, 2009

Circus camp

So I was at Circus Camp for the last week (It's over it ended today!) and it is so cool!

You do all the circus stuff; trapeze, rope, tissue, bird cage, flips, globe walking, stilts, all that stuff, but then you also do art projects. then at the end of the week you do a show, and there is always a theme. This week it was zombies, and it was so cool! there are always four acts, tumbling, aerial, juggling, and comedy. you have to pass a test of strength to get into aerial, though, which covers trapeze, rope, bird cage, and tissue. I got into it last year when I went to circus camp, but my parents forgot to write it on the calendar that I was going to circus camp that week so I missed the testing day, so I had no chance whatsoever of getting in, because I wasn't able to take the test to get in! So I got into comedy and it worked out. My favorite part was the opening, where we walked up the stairs and came out with a giant parachute, then we got under it and there were other people outside of it doing like cartwheels and stuff and they got sucked in, then we were all screaming and the parachute got pulled off of us and we were lying down, zombies. Then we walked around and it looked like we were going around in random directions, but actually by the time the music started we were in straight lines down the room. Then we danced a short bit of the song "Thriller" by Micheal Jackson, then we walked of the stage and started the show.

This week there was another group, Advanced Tumbling, so in order to make exactly 4 groups we put together comedy and juggling. (Juggling wasn't just juggling balls, it covered all objects, diablo, stilts, etc. etc.)

The great thing about circus camp is that for an entire hour every day you can go to any 2 stations, the stations are Art, Aerial, Fast Track, (Fast Track is a really long skinny trampoline specifically used for tumbling,) and juggling. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I did first Art and then Aerial. But on Friday They didn't have art, because in the art room they were doing make-up for the show. I tried to go on the globe, but I chickened out. Same thing with the stilts. Oh and there was a potluck and the food was so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And when you get like 13 or older and you're too old to be in the camp, if you're really strong and good with kids you can be one of the counselors. Like the entire second half of the day is run by teenagers, and like one adult because if everyone in the camp were under 18 it would just go insane. remember last year in the same week as me there was this 12 year old girl, and now one year later she's one of the counselors.

Circus camp is awesome!


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