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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

All over the dentist

Okay people, This is a story that is extremely gross, slightly scientific, and just a little bit funny.

So this morning I was playing catch in gym with a friend, when my mom's car started pulling up the driveway at school. At first I wondered why she was there, but then I remembered that my sister had a dentist's appointment. So my mom parked the car right in front of the steps, she got out and climbed back into the car with my sister. The car drove off. I went to lunch, started eating, went to class, all that stuff while meanwhile at the dentist's...
My sister was getting a filling. The dentist put her on the gas, rubbed on some special cream, and stuck his hand in my sister's mouth when all of a sudden she started vomiting! it was all over the floor, the dentist, my sister, all the assistants, everything! When she stopped puking, my sister just all of a sudden had a major melt down. she was crying for centuries until the could calm her down and get it so that she was able to just sit there without the gas and stuff. She had had a reaction to the special cream the dentist put on her tooth. It took a really long time to clean up the mess and afterwords my sister and my mom went out for ice cream and went to the grocery store and stuff for the rest of the day until they had to pick up me from school and when I got into the car the first thing my sister said to me was
"I saw vomit today!"


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