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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More on Ella Fitzgerald and Billy Holiday

Okay peeps, remember how I'm steadying Ella Fitzgerald? Well I found a lot of information about her and yeah, and she's a really weird person, and this is what happened in her life. (Please take note these are probably not in the right order.)

Her parents got divorced, her mother got a boyfriend, her mother died, she went to an orphanage, she was old enough to get out of the orphanage so she did, she married a drug dealer who was in the mafia, she went to Juvie, she broke out of Juvie, she was homeless, she taught herself to tap dance, she performed on street corners, she went to Harlem and got into a talent contest, she became extremely troubled by her shyness, she suffered three more terrible marriages, she got diabetes, she lost vision in one of her eyes, she got her leg amputated, then she died.

In the book I was reading about her it also said; "It would be hard to imagine that a star this big could have a childhood as bad as Bille Holiday's." So I wanted more information. I read a book about Billie Holiday. Here's what happened in her life.

her mother got thrown out of the house for getting pregenant went she was she was thirteen, (Her mother had her when she was 13 and her dad was 14.) She was homeless with her mother, she completely relied on her friends and family, she became famous, and briefly changed her name to "Haliday" since she didn't want anyone to figure out who her father was since she was not proud of him, she changed back her name, and that's all I know. Bye Bye!


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