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Monday, May 11, 2009

Doggone it! This maze has no answer!

Okay people I found this maze that looks like it's for toddlers. it has a picture of a puppy and it says, "Doggone it! This cute little pup has lost his bone. Can you help him find it?" and then there's a maze. I decided to try it out, cuz' I was bored. Within 5 minutes I figured out the puzzle had no answer. I wondered if I was wrong and a little-kids puzzle had fooled me, so I called my Mom upstairs to see it. she glanced at it, then turned it upside down. this is exactly what it said, word for word.

"Your kids will think you're giving them a fun puzzle, but really, you're pranking them--
This maze has no solution!"

Isn't that simply demeaning?! It's just wrong that a parent would give their child something as a prank, I mean, if it were funny, It would sort of be okay, but this is just, just blech!



  1. Aww- thats unfair for the little kids! What was the puzzle? I might try it on my friends :) xx

  2. i found the maze, I turned it upside down and i couldn't see any words!!!