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Friday, May 8, 2009

Jewelery Making

Okay peeps, I don't know what to post a bout so I decided to post about my jewelery making.

Ever since I started getting involved in the amazing art of jewelery, I've made a vow that I will never ever wear anything (Besides clothes and shoes and stuff, of course,) that I didn't make with my own two hands.

I have beads, krimps, ear-wires, all that stuff I need, but the one thing that I lack is round nosed pliers and krimping pliers! They are absolutely essential to making jewelery!!!!!!!!!!!

Almost everything that isn't really simple I have to do when I go to my class just because I lack 2 things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to ask my mom I if I can get them, I really really need them, plus extra supplies. I also know where to get them. If you go to like Micheal's or something they're sure to have them, but It's much easier if you just go to dragonfly designs's website, because they sell them there, and there isn't even a really good art store in San Francisco except for the hobby store and for some reason that place gives me the creeps, but I don't know why.


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