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Saturday, May 2, 2009

The History of SUP!

Greetings from, ME Isobel! Hello there! Today I shall talk to you about the history of SUP! But, you have to know the definition of sup before you know the history. Sup is a greeting. Though, it does not mean hello, it really means "how are you?" Sup is a form of "What's up?!" But, as you will learn today, through time words like "What's up" will change. This is a timeline!


"What is up with you!" "What is up!" "What's up!" " Wassup!" "SUP!"

Now, of course, some people say the older ones, not just SUP! Like, I think most people just say "What's up," thats why at the beginning I put the definition of SUP! So, I hope you enjoyed seeing this timeline for, I worked very hard on it! it took a lot of blank lines, spaces, and deletes!

P.S On the timeline pretend there are tiny lines connecting the line and the word!


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