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Sunday, January 2, 2011

me and Isobel's movie!!!

Hey guys, I felt like telling you that me and Isobel are working on developing a movie!!!!!!!!!! It started out as a story expressed (almost) entirely in emoticons, so it will be pretty weird. Isobel came up with most of the plot, but we're working together on it. We're still just beginning (I just finished a spreadsheet with all the characters names in it) and it's pretty top secret so I can't share anything, but who knows! Maybe when we're all adults and this movie has won a thousand oscars and we're all millionaires you'll ALL know the story by heart! I don't doubt that will happen, it's very good.


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  1. oh yeah, it gonna be great! kingston steele is the the main character, thats all we can tell you!