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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pop Culture

This is my pop culture post! I will right them every now and then, just to see how the world changes. Today I am doing talk shows. In the future I plan to do Sitcoms, Music, Movies, and Books, among other things.

Good: The Oprah Show. It may sound like a ball of cheese, but everyone interviewed is very interesting and I never turn off the TV without having learned something. Plus, I find Oprah's story inspirational and amazing. This is the show to watch if you want to actually pay attention!
O.K: Ellen. She's very funny and entertaining, but only for a little while. The people she interviews are mostly great, but not as good as on Oprah. If you're trying to listen to something while on the computer or whatever, this is probably a good choice.
Bad:That show on ABC Family called like "Family, Work, Religion." I find it kind of stereotypical, to be honest. I've only seen it a couple times, but every time I found it not very interesting. I overall wouldn't recommend it.


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