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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hannah Montana!

Today is the end of Hannah Montana. She will reveal her secret to the world, give up Hannah Montana and go into college. WOW! I don't exactly like Hannah Montana, but it was such I cultural milestone for kids. I had this obsession with her when I was little, so I am dedicated today, Sunday, Nov. 7 to Hannah Montana. I am singing her music (which is funny because I know every lyric) and I am definitely going to watch the finale. I think I'm gonna cry!
I wonder what she will do after Hannah Montana, it may take a will for her to break out of her childish reputation, but I don't know if she has a good enough voice to be a star or if she will just fade away into nothing...
I hope you all will watch the episode because after all these years I think she deserves it!



  1. I kind of think it will be like Hilary Duff, who before "hannah Montana" was the big Disney channel TV star/pop star but who didn't do anything much since then. I think she'll fade away like that. I see the Disney channel has a new show starting with a tween becoming a TV back-up dancer,and I think that they'll build that actress into the Next Big Thing. Hannah Montana really was another version of Hilary Duff, and Disney will keep churning out these teen stars who are so much fun for littler girls to emulate.

  2. I definitely agree. Though I think Miley CYrus has a better voice then Hilary Duff, she will probably fade away. Hilary Duff is still famous, she guest stars sometimes, and produced a couple fun albums after but she won't be as famous and looked up to, because disney channel kind of supports them until they are to old and then they have to defend for themselves. like a parent, I guess. except you get paid, I wish my mum paid me for being her daughter...