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Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Here are 5 tips in categories to use for your halloween fun!

Games to Play With Candy:

1. Trading candy for candy
2. See how much candy you can shove into your mouth with yours friends in 1 minute
3. Open your widow and when somebody come to trick or treat throw candy at them
4. If you have too much, go outside and throw all your candy on the pavement see how long it is until everything is gone.
5. Hide your candy around the house, whenever you have an emergency suger-low you can immediately cure yourself before you die from LOC (lack of candy)

Tips for decorations

1. Be creative. I have a head on a chopping board next to a saw with a rat on top.
2. Red eyes and bats go perfectly.
3. Put decorations on assortments of levels. Hang them, put them on tables, have them scrambling on the floor etc.
4. Put things on your widow.
5. Be gory. Be disgusting. Sure kids might start screaming and have nightmares for the rest of there lives and need to go to counseling. You know what Sue says (glee) halloween IS fear! Mwah ha ha!

Halloween Party tips

1. Go old-school. Bobbing for apples is great fun
2. Put on creepy halloween techno music, it will get people away from the normal idiotic pop music.
3. Serve food in the shape of body parts.
4. Get cool napkins!
5. Wear really cool costumes

Getting into the spirt tips

1. Decorate your house. Mega. Make it the house of horror.
2. Watch Rocky Horror Picture Show!!
3. Sit down. Make it pitch black. Get a flashlight. Start telling ghost stories. The best are ones about ice cream trucks, masks, turning people into stone, axes, swinging in a playground alone, clowns and barbies.
4. Start screaming.
5. Scare people. Get yourself scared. Trust me. It feels great!

I hope this helped make your halloween spectacular!


  1. Have you seen the rocky horror picture show? I have not, and I'm not sure if I want to. But as far as most people are concerned, I am very tolerant of the scary and risqué. Let's just say I'm not one of the people who screams whenever they see something they're not entirely comfortable with! (I don't know HOW people growing up in SF can get that way, but I have tons of living proof that it does happen.)
    I live in a weird neighborhood halloween wise. I mean, there are tons of people who throw parties, get drunk and give away tons of candy, but next to nobody goes to much trouble to decorate. There are no haunted houses, but me and my mom go all around the city, wherever somebody says they have a decently scary haunted house.
    My school's fundraiser always takes place pretty close to Halloween, and they have pretty scary haunted houses. (this year the theme was Institution for the Gravely Tardy and Truents.) It's usually pretty freaky, but this year the park and rec. department made a REALLY scary one (scariest of my life, by far,) and a local dance troupe made one that was ALMOST as scary. My mom always sews my costumes, which is pretty cool. This year I was an ancient roman, and with my toga, dress, (all in purple,) and headband with actual leaves won the most glamorous costume award!


  3. That was really funny, I will try all of them including throwing candy out at trick or treaters! Mwah ha ha!

  4. I am so glad you are also a big fan of Halloween, Isobel. It is just about my favorite holiday, and I'm so glad Iris loves it, too.

    This year I was a blood elf mage (it's a World of Warcraft thing).