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Sunday, September 26, 2010


Hi everybody, I just read this really amazing book called Camilla by Madeliene L'engle. It was definitely one of the best books of all time. At school we're doing a project where we read a book and write, memorize and perform a "book talk" trying to advertise the book. We were given a series of choices by 3 authors, and I chose this one because the cover looked very interesting. I'm glad I did! Another day at school I felt like reading, but I left my copy at home so I went to the library and looked for it. They had another copy, but it was a different version. And I was surprised! It was absolutely tiny, like, 5 inches tall 3 1/2 inches wide, and the cover was SO lame. I know not to judge a book by it's cover, but seriously, I never would have chosen to read this book for my project if they had chosen to display that copy instead of the one I took. Never! And then I had (as Oprah would call it,) and A-HA moment. A book is the same book even if it has a different (and much lamer) cover! I will never walk into a library or book store the same way ever again.

But the point still stands. The picture on the left is Pic. #1, the one on the right is Pic. #2. I want you to decide which one you think is better, just because I'm curious. The way to vote will be Ala the poll on the left, and please do!

Besides Camilla, I am currently reading two other different, but very good books. Again, one has a just OK cover and the other has a brilliant one. The books are Savvy and Out of My Mind. I don't remember the authors' names, though. Savvy is about a girl who's family all earn magical powers when they turn 13, and this girl thinks hers could save her father who's in a coma from a major car crash. Out of My Mind is about a brilliant girl whom everyone thinks is retarded because she has cerebral palsy.


P.S. I have a feeling several people will feel differently about this from me, but when I said one of the books I'm reading now has a simply brilliant cover, I meant Out of My Mind, not Savvy.

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