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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The melting pot

There is this restaurant called The Melting Pot and it is so awesome! It's mostly a fondue restaurant but it is so amazing! A big part of how great it is is the atmosphere. Which is why I recommend going to this specific location in Marin. It used to be a brick factory, so it's very closed-in and cave like. It seems like the whole building is a giant tunnel! What I like to get there is the simple cheddar plate, and you think you're jut going to get some cheese fondue, but it is so much better! The waiter comes up to you and puts a pot on your table and presses a button under the table which activates this oven thingy in the middle of the table, and then he leaves for a while. And then he comes back and you see him put the bowl on the pot and put all the ingredients in right in front of your face! And then he brings out this bread and apples and cheese and vegetables to dip in the fondue. After that for dessert we get this thing called the Flaming Turtle. It's chocolate and caramel and almonds, which sounds really simple and boring, but once you dip in the cheesecake and nuts and strawberries and pound cake and bananas and marshmallows it is SO GOOD. I really recommend you all to go there!


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