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Sunday, September 6, 2009

My toe!!!!!!!!

Today I stubbed my toe worse then I ever have in my life. I was sitting down to eat, I slid my chair over to the side, then BAM it hit my toe. I ran up the stairs screaming my head off. I calmed down and then came back to eat, but when after an hour the pain had not left at all, I googled "stubbed toe treatment." I ended up on an article by a doctor.
As it turns out, if a stubbed toe is not treated correctly it can lead to a serious injury. I read it and tried to follow the instructions as well as I could. Basically the main thing it said was you need to not put pressure on it, keep it elevated at least six inches, Don't bandage it, and keep it away from anything hot.

You need to be sure to treat it correctly, because if not treated quickly, you might find in a couple years you're diagnosed with severe Arthritis, and the cause was you kicked the bedpost five years ago.

If you stub your toe you may have not just "stubbed your toe". It would feel exactly the same if you broke a bone in your foot or did something to your muscles. I don't think that happened to me, but it still was pretty bad. it swelled up really quickly and the toe nail looked ready to fall off. I suggest you read the article at this link.


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