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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mad Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I am MAD!!!!!!!!!!! Because I wanted a play date with my friend coolevil (we'll call her that for now) but she had math tutor on that day, so we tried Tuesday but it was my friend nicefunny's (we'll call her that for now) birthday party! (or at least we thought so, because we had called nicefunny's mum to know when the date was and her brother picked up and he said it was Tuesday, but it was really Wednesday) And on Wednesday coolevil had math tutor again so we had to do it on Thursday, but I had originally wanted it on Monday! Also I have something TOP SECRET I have to do with her and I had to get it done like two weeks ago! So now I have to wait 'till THURSDAY! But what made me EVEN madder is that: when I got to school today I asked nicefunny when her birthday party was and she said it was on TUESDAY!!! But when it was dismissal I told my mum the story and how excited I was and she said that to make coolevil feel better her mum said that she organized a play date with a friend! ( coolevil doesn't even like her that much! Well she would rather be with me!) And then it turns out that we can't even have a tiny pop in pop out visit because the play dates from right after school to 5:30! SO I AM MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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