This is our blog, I and I. We, Isobel and Iris or (I and I) met in kindergarten and, though Isobel moved across the country, we remained best friends and created this blog. We try to post daily and keep you updated on EVERYTHING that (we think) matters. Enjoy!

- Isobel and Iris

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

300th Post

Hello darling viewers,

This isn't the first halloween post, but it IS  a even more important post. This is the 300th post! Now this isn't going to be funny, but I really wanted to make this post special. I just wanted to tell you guys how much I love you and our blog. This blog means soooooo much to me. Not only is it fun to write, create and have fun with, but it is truly the one way me and Iris stay best friends. If you haven't already heard the story, go to "About Us". But to make a summary, me and Iris met in kindergarten, were best friends all year long, until I had to move across the country. That was five, six years ago. We wanted to stay friends, so we created this blog. We had no idea it would get so many viewers and be this popular. We have had fun for so long writing posts for you guys, and are STILL best friends, even though we only see each other once a year. SO, I just wanted to say thanks for reading our blog and congratulate our friendship and our blog. Without our viewers, we probably would have stopped this blog a long time ago!

Love, Isobel


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