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Thursday, February 10, 2011

So you want to learn Chinese

我 叫 漠 如 思。我 十 一 岁 了。我 一 家 有 四 口 人。我 妈 吗,我 爸爸,我 妹妹,和 我。

Yes, my secret talent has been revealed. I speak (not fluent) Chinese!!! Yay me!

The best part is that you too can master this foreign language. My chinese teacher has created an entire database of flash cards for every single lesson for every single grade that she teaches. They can all be accessed by clicking this link.

Unless you already know the basics, you should start by clicking "Textbook 1" in the menu, then selecting "00 Pinyin." Pinyin is like the Chinese alphabet. (Totally separate from characters; those are all memorization!) It's simply a pronunciation key for characters. They have the same letters, but entirely different sounds. B is like "booah", Q is like "chee," and so on. Listen to the alphabet song, it's very helpful.

Anyways, all the lessons other than 00 Pinyin have a link that says "Flash Cards." Click it, and take the multiple choice quiz on the front page, then click "Study." Trust me, this will all make a lot more sense once you try it!

The flash cards show a character at the top. Write this character on a piece of paper, then write what you think is the pinyin, then the meaning. Click "Show answer" and see if you were right! Once you get through all the cards, try again! This time click "Reverse cards" and read the pinyin and meaning and write the character!

Of course I also use textbooks and worksheets and what-not, but this is a good start! So try it!


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