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Sunday, February 14, 2010

voice comments

heya dudes! I just added the voice comments mechanism, (it's a gadget on the side panel,) and here's how it works because it didn't make much sense to me until I registered for it. So here's the deely-bob. When you want to leave a voice comment, click, record by Phone. once you clicked that, it'll show you a phone number. Call that number and whatever you say will be added as a voice comment. Then, when you click the play button, you can hear (and fast forward through,) all the comments. Easy!


  1. we have already got one comment from Ashley. did she comment on THIS blog? iris plz answer this.

  2. That's not a real comment. It's just a comment automatically left when I registered for the voice comment.


  3. and each blog with voice comments has it's own phone number, so the comments don't get mixed up.