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- Isobel and Iris

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Thursday, February 11, 2010


There is this really cool website called poptropica. You create an avatar and complete islands. It is really fun, because every island is different and has a different story you can solve. I suggest you check it out. This is the link: LINK. Above is the picture of MY avatar. I personally think she looks really cool (worked hard on her) her name is Sneaky Dolphin. (I didn't choose the name, doesn't let you. I'm guessing for safety reasons.)


P.S Iris has an account too, Iris comment your account name!


  1. Sorry Isobel but I have to strongly disagree. I you haven't already started playing Poptropica PLEASE don't! I'm telling you it's really stressful and miserable! Plus there are a LOT of ads even in the game that are designed so that you'll click them without trying to.


  2. i do kind of agree with Iris. you'll get sucked into the game and not realize how AWFUL it really is. all I'm saying, DON'T WASTE YOUR LIFE PLAYING POPTROPICA!

  3. Lola is obsessed with poptropica. She can't stay away from it. It has taken over her life.