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Thursday, August 18, 2011


The Runaways are this really awesome comic book series about 6 kids who discover their parents are super villains, which leads them into the whole Marvel universe and they become wide known superheroes. It's kind of a modern play on traditional superhero comics--with really amazing art and writing. Well anyways there are plans to make it into a movie, which I would be really excited for. But you know their publisher, Marvel, only makes a certain amount of movies every year... And so even though the script Has been written and they've already begun filming, people are saying it's probably not going to come out until 2014. I sö hope that they're wrong...

So pretty much Runaways is just this amazing comic that everybody should read and force marvel to make into a movie! But I have to say the movie will either suck suck suck and not do the books justice, or be really amazing. If you do read them, though, do it in order starting from #1. The plot is really twisty and well-constructed so don't spoil anything for yourself!


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